Terms and Conditions for SEOnap.com

Welcome to SEOnap.com. Some terms and conditions reflect the rules and regulations while you use this website. Do not continue to use this site if you don’t want to follow the terms and conditions.


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When you visit SEOnap.com you must follow the terms and conditions. You are not allowed to do the following:

  • Do not republish any material from this website
  • Users are not allowed to sell or rent any material
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Hyperlinking to Our Content

These organizations can hyperlink to our content without getting our approval:

  • Government agencies
  • Search engines like Google
  • News organizations


You cannot create any frames without our approval, especially if it alters the appearance of our website.

Content Liability

You cannot hold us liable if inappropriate content features on your website as you agree to protect us against various claims that may arise on the website.

Reservation of Rights

We have reserved the right to request you to remove some links that appear on our website. You must remove the links on our request.

Removal of Links From Our Website

If we find our website inappropriate or offensive, feel free to contact us. We may consider removing the links. However, we are not obligated to do so by contacting you directly.


We put up this disclaimer to limit our liabilities from the outcome of using our website. Nothing in this disclaimer will limit or exclude your and our liability for death, injury, fraud, or anything else.